AT THE GREEN ALTERNATIVE SOLUTIONS PROJECT we are concerned about the direction that our planet is heading as we continue massive pollution from energy production, and rapidly deplete the fossil fuel natural resources, like coal, oil and natural gas that are used to create the energy that we consume. We believe that this planet is being poisoned by heavy industry. We are poisoning ourselves, shortening our life spans and degrading our quality of life by the massive amounts of pollution produced as a by product of heavy industry.

WE BELIEVE that it is imperative to all life on this planet that solutions to stop the continuing and increasing polluting of our environment be found.

IT IS OUR MISSION to find, promote, develop, and market, GREEN, alternative technologies which can stop the poisoning of our planet, stop the poisoning of our people and stop the poisoning of our children by the millions of tons of pollutants produced daily, especially in the field of energy!

THE GREEN ALTERNATIVE SOLUTIONS PROJECT SUPPORTS a consortium of inventors who are bringing forth new ideas, new insights, and new technologies which offer alternatives to these old, out-dated systems which heavily pollute our environment, and whose high costs are crippling households.

THE FIRST OF THESE ALTERNATIVES, the H2 Magnum Fuel Enhancement System, will be on the market this summer for gasoline powered internal combustion engines. The H2 Magnum will enable the consumer to improve his vehicle's performance and increase his gas mileage. The system will be "Made in USA", and marketed by Dynamo Network.

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      H2 Magnum Electrolyzer

THE ENERGY ALTERNATIVE internet radio show, hosted by GRASP, debuted on Blog Talk Radio on May 1, 2008.

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WE NEED ALTERNATIVES ESPECIALLY in the field of energy production. United States Environmental Protection Agency research studies show that thousands of Americans die prematurely every year just from the effects of the pollution produced by the coal powered electricity plants.

Check the air quality where you live:

EPA www.airnow.gov

Over the next 5 years there are plans to construct nearly 50 more of these heavily polluting power plants just in the US, and 10 times that number in China. We believe that a GREEN, non-polluting alternative MUST be developed, and to that end, we have partnered with Providence Group:

WE HAVE CONTRACTED A PLAN with Providence Group to de-centralize electrical power production using new, green, alternative energy technologies. This plan will totally revolutionize electrical power systems and will be a win for the producer, a win for the distributor, a win for the consumer of the electricity – and a win for the entire planet as our alternative project is completely green, renewable, and non-polluting.

With this incredible program you could receive totally GREEN, environmentally safe, people friendly electricity, every single year, ABSOLUTLEY FREE, perhaps for the rest of your life…

We have marketing and distribution rights under contract with a variety of inventors who are developing technologies that we believe will produce clean, non-polluting electricity at no operating cost using revolutionary advances in magnetic, hydro, solar, and radiant energy.

We support these research and development efforts directly in their daily efforts, and, perhaps more importantly, by building a public grass roots support Green Alternative Solutions Project to guard against the suppression of these new energy technologies.

Those who join the Green Alternative Solutions Project will be asked to participate in a future public demonstration of one or more of these amazing new alternative energy technologies, and in return for their public support, they will receive an annual allotment of FREE electricity.

IF YOU ARE ALREADY A MEMBER of Providence Group or Club Horizon, you will automatically be registered with GRASP to be notified to attend their National Exhibition of Energy Technology when it goes public.

ALL FUTURE MEMBERS of Providence Group and the Club Horizon will be receiving a letter from GRASP confirming their right to participate in the National Exhibition of Energy Technology with absolutely no cost to them at all.

IF YOU'RE A RECRUITER, and a member whom you recruit actually attends GRASP’s National Exhibition of Energy Technology as a witness, you will be compensated exactly as described within your recruiter agreement, including all bonus points.

This is a WIN-WIN-WIN scenario: nobody loses!
© 2008, Green Alternative Solutions Project